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A  4-hour comprehensive birth prep clinic for parents-to-be, this class is by appointment only and can be a private class or a small group.  Sometimes, a few couples decide to get together for an evening and it can be quite festive!




Breathing Patterns
Learn how to effectively use your breathing patterns for different stages of laboring. Gain an understanding of "Laboring Down" vs. "Purple Pushing".

Comfort Measures
From Double Hip Squeeze to Sacral Pressure and so much more. Hands on use of Rebozo, Birth Ball, and other comfort measures to increase your ability to manage your labor and birth.

Relaxation Techniques
Progressive Relaxation to Scanning and Softening. Techniques used to initiate relaxation and visualization to allow for a calm, peaceful birthing experience.

Birth Day Necessities
Birth Plans: understanding what's important for Mom, for Baby; for Home, Birth Center and Hospital Birth; For Vaginal and Cesarean Birth. Understanding the true purpose of a Birth Preferences Plan.

This class was great! We learned so much- from relaxation techniques to how to write a birth plan. We felt prepared for our birth and used many things we learned in the class and had a wonderful, successful birth with no complications. We would highly recommend this class to any parents-to-be!
— Mary


  • Tips for what you need for the Hospital, Birth Center, or Home Birth Environment

  • Placenta Encapsulation Information

  • Newborn procedures

  • Birth Photography

  • Managing Visitors and Family


The Birth Team consists of the birthing mother and her partner (*Doulas will be charged as an extra support person)
Private Class and Group Class options are offered at the discretion of the instructor.

You will need your birth ball, rebozo, yoga mat, pillows. Bring a Pen for Note Taking!



Complete prenatal Birth Ball prep clinic for expectant moms for use in home, birth center or hospital.


This class is for all trimesters of pregnancy. You will learn techniques using the ball in pregnancy, labor, birth, and in the postpartum period:

  • Relieve achy lower backs

  • Train your body for your labor time

  • Strengthen your core and your pelvic floor

  • Learn effective laboring down techniques

  • Laboring positions to open your pelvis at different levels

  • Stretching out tired muscles

  • Birthing positions using the ball for support

  • Newborn comforting measures

  • Open Q and A time for any pregnancy, birth, and newborn questions

Loved your class & I was able to use my ball though out my pregnancy and labor. Best of all, my babies (yes, twins) love being bounced and it definitely stops their crying more then anything else!
— Karen



A gentle recovery-focused fitness class designed for new mothers.


Have you wondered how to get back into shape but you're not sure where to start? Would you like to learn about safe modifications for exercise that will help your reach your postpartum goals? Would you like to have a safe place to bring your new baby with you to class? This 6 weekly class series  was designed specifically for you! Founded on principles drawn from evidence based studies and is approved by physicians, midwives, and physical therapists.  

This is not a Kick-Your-Butt Fitness class.   It's much too early for that!  Please do your Pelvic Floor a favor and let it heal before you start running again. Impact exercise before 6 weeks is generally too early for most postpartum women. However, this is your first step in the journey! The How of your re-entry to your fit self is important to the long-term success of your postpartum phase of motherhood. Join with other postpartum moms to gently start the journey back to fitness.

The main focus of this series is on recovery. Pelvic Floor Muscle Training and perineal recovery, Diastasis Recti  recognition and recovery (if needed), cesarean and perineal scar massage techniques, core restore, gentle stretch and strength for the new mom, postural awareness and movement for tired bodies, and connecting with other moms who are in the same stage of Motherhood. Your classmates will become your tribe of mom-friends.

Each week has an educational focus on specific aspects of the postpartum woman. Our focus is on the physical recovery but we also discuss Mothercraft topics and more: breastfeeding, bottle feeding, diapering, sleep strategies, preferred baby equipment, tips and tricks, strategies for going back to work, managing new schedules, and other challenges of motherhood.

It was after we returned home from the hospital that I decided to join this Postpartum Recovery (PPR) class. I already had urinary leakage problems prior to pregnancy, so I wanted to do all I could to repair my body after birth. My postpartum class allowed me to recover quickly and return to regular exercise injury-free.



This 3-hour clinic will provide you with Pelvic Floor and Core Education and a take home exercise program.  


If you have a pelvic floor then you are at the right place! This class is for you!

This class is appropriate for all women of all ages: Never had a baby? This class is for you! Just had a baby? If you have a pelvic floor then you are at the right place! Are you looking for a class that will help you to recover from pregnancy and birth - even if that was a decade ago? Or, do you need some guidance to achieve pelvic floor wellness? Do you have an open Diastasis?  Suffer from Backache? Do you struggle with Incontinence or Constipation? Do "things" just feel "heavy and loose" down there? This class is for you!

This 3 hour clinic will provide you with Pelvic Floor and Core Education and a take home exercise program. You will learn how to assess your own Diastasis Recti and gain a better understanding of what the latest research means.  You will also experience how to Engage your Pelvic Floor  and Activate your Transverse Abdominal muscle in order to develop strength and stability through your core and pelvic girdle. We'll discuss: How hormones can affect your posture and joint stability; How to safely lift and hoist heavy items such as your baby, groceries, boxes, car seats or who knows what! Tips to help prevent or control urinary incontinence or know when you need to see a pelvic floor physical therapist. Learn how to modify certain exercises so that you can continue to participate in activities that you love! 

Equipment: We will be using bands and your own body weight. Bring a yoga mat water, pen for notes on the handout

For our postpartum mothers, non-mobile infants welcome .

I am a Grandmother and I wish that this class was held in my sister’s town. This class was exactly what I needed and I know that she needs it, too. Thank You for showing me exercises so that I don’t worry about leaking anymore! I feel so much more confident going out and about now.
My mom and I came to this clinic together, which was really fun. I needed a refresher from the Postpartum Recovery Fitness series I took last year and Mom wanted to learn more about the pelvic floor. We both went home with an exercise plan that we knew that we could maintain.