Pelvic Floor, Core & More™ with Danae' Bunso on November 5, 2019, 6 PM – 9 PM in St. Johns, FL

Pelvic Floor, Core & More™ with Danae' Bunso on November 5, 2019, 6 PM – 9 PM in St. Johns, FL


November 5, 2019

6 PM – 9 PM

Bay & Bee
120 Everest Ln Suite#1
St Johns, FL 32259

This class is appropriate for all women of all ages: Never had a baby? This class is for you! Just had a baby? If you have a pelvic floor then you are at the right place! Are you looking for a class that will help you to recover from pregnancy and birth - even if that was a decade ago? Or, do you need some guidance to achieve pelvic floor wellness? Do you have an open Diastasis?  Suffer from Backache? Do you struggle with Incontinence or Constipation? Do "things" just feel "heavy and loose" down there? This class is for you!

This 3 hour clinic will provide you with Pelvic Floor and Core Education and a take home exercise program. You will learn how to assess your own Diastasis Recti and gain a better understanding of what the latest research means.  You will also experience how to Engage your Pelvic Floor  and Activate your Transverse Abdominal muscle in order to develop strength and stability through your core and pelvic girdle. We'll discuss: How hormones can affect your posture and joint stability; How to safely lift and hoist heavy items such as your baby, groceries, boxes, car seats or who knows what! Tips to help prevent or control urinary incontinence or know when you need to see a pelvic floor physical therapist. Learn how to modify certain exercises so that you can continue to participate in activities that you love! 

Equipment: We will be using bands and your own body weight. Bring a yoga mat, water, pen for notes on the handout

For our postpartum mothers, non-mobile infants welcome .

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