Ashley Greene Froehling

4th Trimester Fitness® Method  Master Trainer and Co-Developer of Postpartum Recovery® Fitness

Ashley has over ten years of experience as a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and serves as the expert in core and pelvic floor recovery fitness for the Treasure Coast in Florida. She is passionately committed to educating women about their bodies after childbirth in her geographical area and beyond.  Ashley’s fitness career began at the University of North Florida, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. While studying, Ashley worked as a registered yoga instructor and trained clients in strength training, plyometrics, Hatha yoga, functional fitness, and Stroller Strength®.

After the birth of her first baby, Ashley focused her work on the perinatal period which ultimately led her to become a co-developer and Master Trainer for 4th Trimester Fitness® Method. Ashley’s personal experience with chronic instability in her abdomen and spine, sustained from an injury as an infant, inspires her keen interest in helping women regain strength and stability after childbirth. It was during Ashley’s journey to healing that she took Emily‘s Postpartum Recovery® Fitness series and her eyes were opened to a new way to heal her body. The classes were essential to her healing, not only from childbirth, but also from the chronic instability that she had experienced since birth.

Ashley was the first fitness professional to become certified by 4th Trimester Fitness® Method as a Postpartum Recovery® Instructor and began teaching the series in January of 2015. Ashley is passionate about the program, because it empowers women to understand their bodies as they navigate through common postpartum issues and through the rest of their lives. Ashley is excited to serve each woman’s unique need with personalized care as she grows a community of women who support and mentor each other.

Ashley is an avid surfer, mother to two boys, and committed wife. Ashley loves God and, through her faith, to embrace women in their journey to healing.

Trainings and Affiliations

AFAA, NSCA-PT, Yoga 200h





 4th Trimester Fitness® Method Master Trainer and Co-Developer of Pelvic Floor, Core & More™

After earning her B.A. at Stetson University in 2005, Lauren experienced fitness training’s life-changing effects when she began working with a personal trainer to shed weight and improve wellness. Her new active lifestyle stoked her ambition and energy, and she set about paying forward this valuable gift of life through a career as a fitness professional through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

Her passion for training the perinatal woman was ignited after safely training herself throughout her first pregnancy. She knew she wanted to help other women have healthy, fit pregnancies, allowing them to bounce back more quickly post birth. For almost a decade, Lauren has continued to empower women as they conquer their fitness goals with workouts that are fun, scalable to all levels, and most importantly - safe for expectant and new mamas.  With her expert knowledge and evidenced based exercise plans,  she is able to provide her clients the ability to modify and progress even when common pregnancy related issues are present. Educating on such topics as Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and Pelvic Organ Prolapse while they experience a faster healing-phase in the postpartum period. Lauren is a 4th Trimester Fitness Method instructor and is a valued part of the curriculum development team and Master Trainer for Instructors. 

She now has two little ones at home, and  has dedicated herself to being St. Augustine's perinatal fitness expert. She loves spending her free time with her husband and two boys on the boat or at the beach and doing yoga, and looks forward to guiding you through this season of life as the strongest version of you.


Certifications, Trainings, and Affiliations

4th Trimester Fitness® Method:  Master Trainer and Lead Instructor
NASM: Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist
Brianna Battles: Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach
Fit for Birth: Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist
Women's Health Foundations: Total Control Instructor