You know the saying -- "The more you know, the more you realize how much there is that you don't know"

At 4TFM, we know that it all starts with education...Education of our instructors. Education of our participants. Building programs from evidence based studies. Staying abreast of the latest trends, evaluating what works well,  and what needs improvement. We aren't afraid of constructive criticism. We know that "Iron Sharpens Iron" and we aim to be the sharpest. As a company, we hold fast to the responsibility of carefully choosing and educating our instructors because we know the importance of Character and how that impacts a desire to teach  to the highest standard. We do the same with our programs because we know that staying in the front of education matters to our students outcomes. 



"With Education comes Understanding. With Understanding come Knowledge. With Knowledge comes the ability to advocate for Oneself and, with that, comes Empowerment. This is the WHY of 4th Trimester Fitness Method " - Emily

We believe in the power of knowledge and its ability to empower women to gain control over their own lives. A woman in control of herself will flourish.  Power. For some it's given, for others it's taken. Given -- because the recipient "needs" it - such as the tools for birth ball use or instruction on how to correctly squat whilst holding your baby to prevent organ prolapse.  Taken (and we don't mean stolen) -- because the recipient grasps an understanding of it - and thus, implements it freely in her life. At 4TFM, we believe in "preparing and equipping women for the 4th Trimester". Through our classes and our communities, mothers and instructors freely give and take the gifts given to one another, thus strengthening and empowering each as she grows.    


build community

"To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with” -Mark Twain

Humans deeply desire community and indeed, need it in order to flourish. We know that fitness is much more than physical. It's social, psychological, familial, and even financial. At 4TFM, we boldly strive to build community within the groups of women we serve. Our instructor teams will not be left "to find their way" in their business ventures. We mentor and support them as much as needed or wanted. Our class participants (and their partners, too!) become like family to one another, and through our classes we watch them find their village of sisterhood -- perhaps a new fitness partner or friend who shares the same hobby -- an important support network of women in their Journey of Motherhood.

At 4TFM, we are “building cores and communities”!

The class was a wonderful way to meet other new moms and become educated on what happens to your body through pregnancy. During the class, we did targeted exercises to help our bodies regain muscle strength so I could get back to my favorite activities.
I took the Birth Ball Basics class to learn how to use the ball. I left the Birth Ball Basics class knowing how to do that and so much more. This class changed the way I approached my birth. I didn’t know that I actually had options. I didn’t know that I could make choices. Now I do.
I took the Postpartum Recovery Fitness Class after having my 2nd and 3rd kiddos, and I wish that every mama could have the same experience. The gentle exercises and awareness of core and pelvic floor muscles is so beneficial for regaining a fully functioning musculature that gets a little wonky when you grow a human. Not only did I get to take my babies with me to the class, but there was such a beautiful community that grew from this class and we still support one another to this day.