Instructor Training: The Total Trainer Bundle

Build your fitness/education business by becoming a certified instructor with this 4TFM course bundle. Your course fee is based on the income you can expect to receive after JUST ONE full class! Our certified instructors are helping women and building businesses with just one course. Take the next step for your business and start your training today.

Your instructor training fee includes:

Complete training to become a certified 4TFM trainer in the courses 4 Pillars for Better Birth™, Birth Ball Basics™, Postpartum Recovery Fitness™ AND Pelvic Floor, Core & More™: $1900

  • Digital classroom materials

  • One-on-one virtual training with 4TFM staff

  • Beautifully designed marketing materials, customizable for your own business

  • Professionally produced marketing videos ready to use on your own business’ site or page

  • 4TFM Certified Trainer official badge

PLUS One year instructor licensing: $250